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Having a well designed and germ-free living environment is one of the most basic things you consider in your day-to-day home life. Healthy Hobart Cleaning will help you maintain perfect hygiene for your house, which is a key factor in your daily activities since it underpins the health and wellness of the spaces we occupy with our family for most of the time. Having a clean home will always put you ahead in every task you will be up to; meaning, a high-efficiency level and a more comfortable lifestyle. We offer professional and effective house cleaning in Hobart and around Southern Tasmania.

We are here to ensure that all your belongings are well spruced and free from germs. Perfect hygiene for your family and friends means contentment for your loved ones. Living under a clean ceiling, having spotless walls and a sparkling clean floor is the basic requirement for anyones dream home. Our services are not only high quality but also cost-effective and tailored to fully accommodate your needs.

In times like these, a hygienic home environment is a necessity for the optimal health and wellbeing of your family and friends. At Healthy Hobart Cleaning, we take house cleaning in Hobart as seriously as if it was our own Home. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that your place is in safe hands!

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Kitchen Cleaning Specialists in Hobart

If your looking to keep your Hobart House Cleaned, You can’t overlook one of the most important spaces! The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. Being the source of all meals and dishes, we will make sure all the sections are sparkling and clean enough for preparing all your favourite dishes to share together. Kitchen cleanliness should be a top priority in your house to avoid contamination or illness as well as maintaining optimal nutrition and overall health.

We will focus on degreasing, scrubbing, polishing and dusting every surface, crack and section of your kitchen to ensure that it’s sparkling clean. We also focus on appliances such as dishwashers, fridges, mixers and toasters etc, which can often hide grime and mould that builds up and can risk contaminating your food.

We can remove heavy grease and oils from range hoods, grills and ovens to ensure that your cooking areas are perfectly clean for your next meal.

At Healthy House Cleaning Hobart, We’ll make sure that once we’re done with your kitchen, it will be deeply cleaned from top to bottom, leaving the heart of your homes, sparkling, fresh and tidy in preparation for your day to day needs.

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Bathroom Cleaning Experts in Hobart

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Lets face it, the Bathroom is where a lot of the action takes place. When it comes to cleaning, we need to ensure that the space we use to clean ourselves is also kept in a hygienic condition. All too often this space can accumulate the dirt, dust and grime we wish to remove from our bodies which can end up leaving the space in a less than desirable condition.

A clean bathroom is not just a necessity for good health its also a essential element for the overall harmony of your home. So If your bathroom has got away from you and you’d like to get it taken care of by a professional, Healthy Hobart Cleaning has the expertise and personelle to get the work done for you!

We will ensure that each and every surface of your bathroom is cleaned and left sparkling, so next time you walk in to take care of your body, your left with that happy feeling of entering a shining clean and beautiful bathroom and leave the room with exactly the same state!

So call us today to arrange the cleaning of your bathroom space, or for any aspect of house cleaning that your in need of, because when it comes to the cleanliness of residential properties, domestic houses and peoples homes, we’re the best in the business!

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Annissa was amazing! She revamped our entire place. It hasn’t looked so good since the day we bought it. Will definitely use her again and recommend her services to anyone searching for a very thorough house clean in Hobart.

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We’ve had a long term contract with  Healthy Hobart Cleaning for a number of years now. They service my business and take care of our home. Always on time and never missed a crumb. Best cleaners in Hobart.

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I’ve used these guys on many occasions. I run an air bnb while working full time, so sometimes its impossible to get the cleaning done one time. Having a high quality cleaner on call has saved us tonnes on time and money. Totally recommend!



Austins Ferry


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