Planning on moving out? Run through our end of lease cleaning checklist before you go!

If you plan on moving out of your rental property, one of the most challenging and daunting tasks that you’ll face is the cleaning of the property before you go. From kitchen and bathroom to living room and bedroom, every nook and corner of the property has to be spotless.

Otherwise, the property owner/rental agency can deduct a hefty amount from your security or bond deposit. Therefore, it is always advisable to thoroughly clean the property before you give the keys back, which is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve put together your essential end of lease cleaning checklist to make your job that little bit easier!

Many time poor or cleaning adverse tenants simply choose to book a seasoned professionals (Like us) to save time and get the best end of lease cleaning in Hobart. We use high quality tools and experienced cleaners to give you the best possible result.

With that said, if you are moving house on a tight budget, then perhaps rolling up those sleeves and doing the dusting and scrubbing yourself may be the only option for you. To make the task easier and get the best result possible, follow a checklist.

If you are unsure about the spots that may be in need of a clean, here is an essential checklist that can be very helpful at the end of your lease.



Exterior details to cover before you leave

If you have an exterior as a part of your property, then ensure that its looking immaculate. Don’t forget that it’s the first thing that your property owner or rental agent will see upon the inspection. To clean the exterior well, pay attention to the following.

Kitchen appliances and surfaces

From grime and grease build-up to food particles and stains, your cooking area has most likely accumulated materials that can be somewhat difficult or unpleasant to remove. Therefore, the kitchen is often that space that requires your most time and effort to get right for your end of lease cleaning. Always focus your cleaning on this room and pay attention to the following spots.

Bathroom features and details

If the kitchen is said to be the most challenging room to clean for successful bond return, your bathroom is definitely second on the list. People often ignore deeply cleaning the bathroom, which allow the hard water damage, soap scum and toilet stains to accumulate over time. Landlords inspect this area properly for end of lease cleaning, so ensure it sparkles due to the value of the features such as porcelain baths, sinks and toilets as well as tiled areas.


Living room/Bedroom/office

We apply a general list for the living room, bedroom, office and dining room because the layouts and surfaces of these rooms are fairly similar.

If you’d prefer to save your time and energy for more important tasks, you can hire professionals like us who offer a thorough end of lease cleaning in Hobart. Our Healthy Hobart Cleaners follow a detailed list just like this one, so you can expect high-quality and hassle-free cleaning. However, if you want to do your end of lease cleaning on your own, clean the following areas.

Other end of lease cleaning aspects to consider

Apart from the aforementioned spots above, there are some other areas that are common in all the rooms. Tenants often keep these spots for the last and then forget about them in the hustle and bustle of moving out. Never forget the following spots in your end of lease cleaning checklist.

The Bottom Line

End of lease cleaning is a fiddly and time-consuming task. When you are occupied with all the other responsibilities, such as packing up the entire contents of your life, it is possible to miss some vital spots during the dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing. Rest assured a fastidious landlord or rental agent won’t miss such details and this can often end up costing you some of your precious bond money. We know what it’s like, we’ve been there plenty of times before. That why we put together this checklist to mar your job that little bit easier when it comes to the end of your tenancy

To make your life easier during your next move, follow the checklist we’ve created. However if you want the best possible result and to minimise the stress and hassle, then hire Our professional end of lease cleaners in Hobart. Healthy Hobart Cleaning Company has skillset and the workforce to ensure you’ll get your bond money back in time for your next move.

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