Hobart Spring Cleaning: Our Pro Tips for Cleaner Windows

You want sparkling clean windows so that you can look out and enjoy all the blooming, colourful abundance of Spring. If you plan on doing some Hobart spring cleaning then window washing will be on your menu. After all the wind and rain of winter plenty of dust and dirt can build up around the outsides of our homes. Window cleaning can be a daunting and physically challenging job, which is why we’ve put together a checklist of tips for cleaner windows.

If you plan on using the good old glass cleaner and paper towels, you’re definitely working far too hard for a less-than-perfect Hobart Spring Clean! Here’s our proven method for how to get the best possible clean of your windows with the least amount of effort.

Firstly lets look at the tools you’ll need for Hobart Spring Cleaning

First up, you’ll want to gather all your tools ahead of time so when you begin, you’ll have everything you need for the job.. From start to finish, you’ll need:


Tips for cleaner windows – Our method

There you have it, after applying our Pro tips for cleaner windows your task of Hobart Spring cleaning, should be that much easier. We hope you’ve walked away with some value and that our tips serve you as well as they have served us over the years. If you’ve got any other methods that work wonders, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, we always love to share resources and update our tactics for Hobart Spring cleaning


As always, if you’d rather be out enjoying yourself than washing the windows at home, touch base with the friendly staff at Healthy Hobart Cleaning. We’ll be happy to offer you our advice as well as our affordable rates for residential or corporate cleaning throughout Southern Tasmania.

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